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Cycle Shop
We build bikes!  

We can build to your specs, to a theme, or for your specific needs.  From cruisers, to racers, even bmx and mountain bikes! Why search for your dream bike when we can build it custom just for you!
We keep chains, tubes, and some tires in stock.  We can have almost any size tire, and most other parts within two days.  Need a part? Call or email us and we will have it in ASAP.  Want to make sure your bike is ready for the weekend?  We can have parts at your door for the weekend or installed and ready to ride!

Looking for a new bike? We can help find the right bike for you! We can also assemble it, tune it, and drop it off for you!  Contact us to discuss your needs!

Or if you want a more personalized option...
The LJ Cycle Shop special- a top quality high speed track/road bike hand assembled in our shop for as little as $450!